The Ocean and Space environments offer different but often analogous challenge for exploration. The Media Lab Open Ocean and Space Exploration Initiatives will host speakers on various topics throughout IAP ranging from ocean trash & space debris to immersive experiences for extreme environments. Expert speakers will discuss the history, current research, and challenges, and participants will have the opportunity to discuss


  • Day 1 : Learn

    • 2 experts speak about topics

    • Group discusses the issues with experts

    • Decide on a common challenge

    • Break out into groups to begin hacking

  • Day 2: Hack

    • Groups work together to propose/build solutions to challenge

  • Day 3: Share

    • Groups present ideas/results. Lots of time for discussion.

    • Select project chosen for further pursuit?

    • Dates

      • Afternoons

      • Jan 23, 25

      • Jan 30, Feb 1

Theme & Speaker Suggestions

  • Ocean Trash & Space Debris - space pacman, SEA (S Fuller?), WHOI,

  • Open Data - Dava kickoff, NASA Open Data, NOAA, Vicki Ferrini, Deborah Fisher? (Yale, galaxyzoo)

  • Cube Sats?

  • Encounters: immersive ex periences for extreme environments

  • Exploration Team Dynamics

  • Crowdsourcing/gaming data analysis - create a game to ID deep sea creatures

  • I’d love to do something with ocean data to get things kickstarted on that front - it’s not directly related to space, but crowdsourced platforms like galaxyzoo are done by the space community really well. There currently isn’t an equivalent for the ocean.

  • Data collection platforms/vehicles

    Ocean CubeSats?
    Katy Croff Bell: I was at an ocean data conference over the weekend and someone said “CubeSats for the ocean” as an off-hand comment, but I think it’s an interesting idea to put together protocols for robots that c...
    Xin LIU: this is super interesting and definitely would make a great project.
    Katy Croff Bell: Glad you think so!

  • Play? Create games/toys that include scenarios for different types of exploration? Maybe this can fit with Encounters (above)?

  • Sm

  • Opace fabrication. There are projects that make use of the zero g environment for fabrication. wondering whether similar projects could happen in deep sea, such as making use of the sea sand? also, instead of bring all the materials down, can we make small tools on spot? - xin

  • aart Tools for explorers in the ocean/other planets

  • Genomics?