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Needed Resources

Share your expertise, facilities, equipment, fieldwork destination, a secret talent, shiptime, or anything else and join a team!

Published onMar 09, 2018
Needed Resources

Here be Dragons resulted in 13 proposals full of big ideas for furthering ocean exploration, storytelling, and community building. Many of them have needs for additional resources and talents, which are summarized here.

Click on the project title for more information about the project and reach out directly to the contact to start a conversation with the team.

Big Ocean, Big Data

We are looking for additional team members with expertise in:

  • Web design and HCI/UX

  • Web dev/devops/cloud storage

Contact: kakani [at]

Connected Coral

We are seeking coral experts to collaborate with us on an interactive coral reef experience. Additionally, we are looking for a venue to exhibit this work.

Contact: emilysa [at]

Field Experimentation in Boston’s Intertidal Zone

Workshop for Neuroinclusivity

We seek collaboration with a teacher-artist, particularly a photographer, who can help students to document their experiences in tackling urban-oriented ecological issues.

Contact: ave [at]

From Lake to River to Sea

Exploring Canada’s Arctic Waters

To greatly enhance this project, we would like to engage additional team members from MIT and from National Geographic explorers. By bringing in additional team members from MIT, we could enhance our outreach component by learning about different activities and approaches to science education. By engaging explorers, we would have expertise in documenting the experience from both a science and community perspective.

Contact: amichel [at]

Immersive Antarctic Experience for Public Engagement

We welcome input or collaboration from oceanographers, climate scientists, biologists, glaciologists, geologists and other scientists who are interested in curating or generating new data about Antarctica and the Southern Ocean for this project.

We also welcome suggestions on how to incorporate citizen scientists and crowd sourced data collection or analysis to engage the public in this work.

Contact: stober [at]


Exploring the Microcosmos

We seek collaborators with:

  • Projection equipment and expertise

  • Data visualization / sonication expertise

  • Metagenomic analysis expertise

Contact: jjmarlow [at]

My Deep Sea, My Backyard

We are currently seeking a student or communication specialist from the MIT Media Lab to collaborate on the development of outreach products from underwater and topside video and still imagery.

Contact: divaamon [at]

Ocean Cultures

Cook Island Community Monitoring

We are interested in finding an additional team member or two that is either interested in the anthropological aspects of indigenous Maori ecosystem knowledge or in community engagement and outreach.

We are also happy to consider other communities interested in adopting these programs.

Contact: devora [at]

Project Prometheus

Mapping the Underwater World with Light

We are currently seeking a student from the MIT Media Lab to collaborate on the technology development, testing, and deployment.  A background in mechanical engineering and SCUBA certification would be helpful but not required. 

Contact: awa [at]


Citizen-Leveraged Augmented Monitoring

We are currently seeking a student from the MIT Media Lab to collaborate on the technology development, testing, and deployment.

Contact: ayana [at], shah.selbe [at]


Strategic Mobilization of Autonomous Research Technologies for Chesapeake Bay Assessment, Restoration, and Conservation

We are looking for collaborators on the following:

  • Platform web connectivity services and programming for video and remote monitoring

  • Engineering for weather systems for the Bay environment, and operation stations for mobile and stationary systems

  • Outreach and media

  • Bio-fouling research

  • Low cost sensor packages

  • Media outreach and immersive media technologies 

Contact: james.h.neilan [at]

Wheels of Poseidon

We are looking for:

  • Expertise in the design and construction of embedded electronic systems.

  • Larger aquariums for later stages of the project (100-1,000 liter)

Contact: danoran [at]

Wonders of the Ocean

An Exploration Mobile Game

We are open and grateful for any offers of collaboration and/or feedback. In particular we would like to hear from those with experience and expertise in:

  • Game design

  • Software / App engineering

  • Digital illustration and design

Contact: czakroff [at]

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