Big Ocean, Big Data

Toward an open ocean community platform for automated image classification in the deep sea
by Kakani Katija, Gilbert Montague, Grace Young, Genevieve Flaspohler, Benjamin Woodward, Joshua Gyllinsky, and Katy Croff Bell
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Big Ocean, Big Data
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Kakani Katija
Grace Young
Genevieve Flaspohler
Director, Open Ocean initiative; National Geographic Fellow


Semi-supervised approaches
James Neilan: I am very interested in the expansion from the base training and test set that's you are going to develop for this effort. A good dove into some semi-supervised approaches to expand with data from ...
New Discussion on Mar 20
James Neilan: Might be able to leverage Virginia Aquarium as well. I’m meeting with the director of programs this week or the next and I’ll ask if they have any data sets that might add to the effort.
Submission for Publication
Gilbert Montague: Gilbert Montague has submitted this pub for publication.
New Discussion on Mar 8
James Neilan: Thinking about the architecture in using LSTM RNNs and GANs to build the annotations from Avedac….This is really interesting. Can you build a systems that leverages Avedac results, have an LTSM RNN...